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News from as a game developer!

Daemon ad Idem: Concept Art

Hey, I thought I’d do an update with a drawing I’ve been working on. I won’t reveal any details about it, you’ll just have to see once I finish the game!

I am in no way a great artist. In fact, this is the first actual drawing I’ve done since I was in Middle School, with the exception of very rough doodles on the side of my notes. I recently purchased a graphics tablet because I could not even attempt to draw anything with my mouse. It never felt comfortable.

As it stands, with this I mainly focused on the shape of the body, the colors, and any additional significant details that would help guide me when I made a model. I didn’t bother with shading, textures, or any small grooves.

Hope you enjoy!


Moving Forward

I’ve been wanting to make a post on here, but I usually want to make sure that it’s something significant, either because I’m really getting into the grit of game development or when I’m very excited about the pace at which things are moving forward.

In the case of this post, I’m excited that on the hardware side of things, I’m getting there! I’ve been replacing any equipment that was borrowed with my own purchased items. So now I have my own microphone and midi interface in order to make sure that I’m putting voices into the game that I can be proud of. Next step is to make myself a small recording booth that can be taken apart and portable enough to fit into my car for moving. Thankfully I have a few friends that can help with designing and putting it together.

Also, as some people know, I did get my hands on the first development kit for the Oculus Rift over the holidays. I just couldn’t wait until they had come out with the second version, Crystal Cove, although I can’t wait to see the improvements that version brings in person. I’ve already gotten into it with Half-Life 2, which is an incredible experience to say the least. Once I start working more in Unity, I’ll be using the Oculus Rift alongside development to make sure that both people on monitors and people that will be getting into the VR scene shortly will be satisfied.

The good news is that the story is really coming together for Daemon ad Idem, which will be my very highly story-driven game. I’ve made sure to put in a bunch of back story that I can expand or keep as short and sweet as it is right now. That’s always good if the story is well received and I wanted to expand on it. 😉

What I will be starting on shortly will be an experimental dreamscape-exploring game: Incubi. I want to start with it because although it will have a story, it will be more of an exploration game centered around gameplay elements I want to play around with. It will be the kind of project that I go back to and update as I find the need to find unique ways to interact with the virtual world. In that way, I focus more on each element (or, as it will be in the game, separated rooms) rather than getting into the gritty details of the textures and models. Essentially, I can provide an interesting experience to myself and hopefully other people while helping my skills in Unity advance.

If you read this, thanks for stopping by and reading my posts. Whether you’re blood-related or not, you’re all family to me! Let’s continue to make sure that gamers are a tight, but welcoming community, now and forever.